Pollution Incident Report

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SECTION 1 - Required information

Doing this will take you away from this form, so make sure you know how to get back to this browser tab on your device. Click here to open what3words. Move the map to find the exact location. Then touch/click the map so the marker shows there. Copy the what3words location using the icon and paste here.

Maximum file size: 100MB

On some phones it is not obvious what to do when you tap this button, so click here for some tips. More photos and videos can be uploaded in Section 2.
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SECTION 2 - additional (but still important!) information

Pollution event reported to NRW?
Observation start time:
Pollution already present?
Observation end time:
Pollution continuing?

If it's clear to you that the source of the pollution is sewage and that it's coming directly from a pipe managed by Welsh Water / Dwr Cymru, you could also report to them directly so that they can respond more quickly. You can do this here.

Photo/video evidence is extremely important. Please upload a video of the incident as well as photos. Videos should be a maximum of 30 seconds long.

Maximum file size: 100MB

Maximum file size: 100MB

Incident observed by someone else?

This form collects your details in line with our privacy policy and only for the purpose of recording this pollution incident.

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